My video

Technology is stressful. Feeling incompetent is stressful. Trying something new is stressful. Making a video when I’ve never attempted anything like it before, yep, stressful. Thus, the idea to have fun with it and relieve the stress was born. Since I didn’t want to impose on anyone to meet my schedule and video me when it was convenient for me, I decided that it would be up to me to video someone or something. An iPad, I can use. The video part of an iPad, I can use. Putting it together to make a movie, I tried….
I teach, so what could I video, if not myself and teach? My cats!
It’s elementary, it’s silly, but it was fun. And the best part-I did it!


Remix 3

Time and Technology

I hate when people say, “I don’t have enough time.” We’re all given the same 24 hours in a day.  It’s what you do with those hours that’s important. And it’s doing what’s important to you that matters. I love what I do and I enjoy staying busy.  There will be plenty of time to do nothing when I’m not able to do anymore. I use my 24 hours in ways that are meanful to me and, hopefully, benefit others.  I’m sure tweeting and blogging and emailing and pinning are important for reasons I haven’t quite gotten, but right now, “I don’t have enough time”!